Magnificent Marketing

Step by step guide to building a marketing plan that works | taught by Denise O'Leary
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Ramzia Jawara

Excellent Course!

Taught me the fundamentals of marketing and branding a business with clear, direct instructions and videos to tailor to auditory learners.

Rachael Blackburn

A very insightful and informative course

This course was full of very useful information, and intersting insights into how the marketing sector works for businesses.

James Leech

Clear, Concise and Covers all bases.

The Magnificent Marketing course goes into great depths of all facets of developing your own marketing strategy for your business. I especially found the worksheets helpful as it gives a clear way of developing a plan and analysing your own busine...

Ramzia Jawara

Taught me the fundamentals of marketing and branding a business with clear, direct instructions and videos to tailor to auditory learners.

Rachael Blackburn

This course was full of very useful information, and intersting insights into how the marketing sector works for businesses.

James Leech

The Magnificent Marketing course goes into great depths of all facets of developing your own marketing strategy for your business. I especially found the worksheets helpful as it gives a clear way of developing a plan and analysing your own busine...

Byron Kerry

Denise offers great insight into the strategy needed for any company to succeed in digital marketing.

Hamza R

This course was a clear, concise and well-structured breakdown of exactly what a startup company would need to focus their attention on. I found the presentation very smooth and easy to follow, as was the information being provided amongst it. Eve...

Maiya Todd

Overall this course provided me with a firm understanding of the digital marketing industry. I was able to learn about Purpols unique marketing strategy and how each element should be executed successfully within industry. After each module, the c...

Tom M

An in-depth, user friendly course that guides business owners through the key stages of marketing, while offering expert insight and guidance along the way. The information in this course is scaleable, realistic and achievable whether your busines...

Aleksandra Grabarz

Enjoyed the course overall, however there were a few sections that could have been clearer, or explained a little better. For example, the explanation of the process from the seven P's, among a few other parts. Fortunately, the majority of the cou...

Greg Smith

Every video clearly laid out the key objectives to focus on when marketing a business. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy-to-follow guide when it comes to building a successful business strategy.

Younes Alem

The course is very well detailed and has split sections which makes it a lot easier to follow and understand the structure of developing businesses and marketing.

Molly Bruce

Course content was appropriately described before delving into each topic. This ensured that the course flowed well, as well as making logical sense to the client. Overall, the course was very friendly, and I liked the fact that there was a quiz a...

Elan Parry-Lowther

This course was incredibly insightful, informative, professional and can be utilized by those on every level of the marketing journey. The content was delivered clearly and in an engaging manner with accompanying graphics and PDFs. The test were a...

Sophie Cosgrove

Magnificent Marketing provides a clear and detailed plan of how to mobilise your marketing strategy. It involves creative and informed ideas and methods, along with activities to allow you to apply the information to your own business and get the ...

Eli Beach

This course is a fantastic introduction to the steps you need to take to improve your marketing strategy. A thorough and incredibly engaging course.

Feride Sahin

This course is a great way of teaching step by steps of marketing. Each step is short and snappy yet very informative, teaching the basics. Very easy to follow through.

Annie Wood

I have learnt so much from such a wonderful way of learning! Was clear and straight to the point. I was able to make notes and think about how everything i've learned will help me in the future. A great experience.

Matt Williams

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Magnificent Marketing. It has been extremely enlightening and allowed me to grasp numerous marketing fundamentals that I was not previously aware of. The course is easy to understand and extremely well writte...

Rebecca Fewkes

This course allows you to gain the knowledge of how to effectively market your business. With useful worksheets throughout the course which allow you to personalise it to your businesses specific needs and short quizzes after each chapter ensures ...

Ashleigh Sands

I am not from a marketing background so I was weary I would be at a disadvantage with this course. However, I found it easy to engage with and feel like I've gained a whole pack of knowledge. It was great and would definitely recommend to friends ...

Ruby Kittle

The Magnificent Marketing Course is easy to understand and clearly laid out. It has greatly enhanced my understanding of marketing through simple yet informed videos and questions to test my knowledge throughout. This is highly recommended to any ...

Josh Rushforth

The Magnificent Marketing course gives you step by step guidance in creating and executing your marketing plan. If your thinking about starting a new business then this is right for you. In the course you also learn about different parts of digita...

Sophie G

I found this course effective, concise and very informative. The information was displayed and explained clearly, with plenty of detail within each section. It was easy to follow and extremely helpful to both beginners and those more advanced in m...

James Garbutt

Wonderfully detailed course, very insightful and helpful.

Jay Griffiths

An easy-to-follow course packed with useful information and everything you need to create your marketing plan.

Stephen Hood

I thought the course gave us the information in a clear and direct way, which is good for those looking to understand marketing terms and concepts for the first time.

Jorja Holmes

I am new to marketing and have little experience in the marketing field. This course was insightful and informative but also easy to follow and to the point. The videos were engaging and the activities throughout were clear and helped consolidate ...

Zakaria Zerhoui

I really liked how I was explained about what I will be learning during this course and what to expect from myself and others.

Aneesha Aslam

Would highly recommend this course if you are thinking about starting up a business. Straight to the point, highlighting key areas to focus on within the market and a range of different videos and activities used to breakdown each of the sections.

Amie McDonald

The course is great, you are guided step to step with things being explained in their simplest form. The E-book is fantastic as it breaks everything down to clear explanations making it easy to understand what you are learning. I recommend this co...

Gabbie Knights

This course contains plenty or extremely helpful advice and information on how to perfect marketing strategies and how to ensure you stay on top of managing your target audience and what to remember when thinking about what you want for you busine...

Brandon Jones

this course covered a broad range of subjects and was very detail oriented and interactive, a lot of the points brought up I would have never have even thought about.

Charlotte Moon

This courses covers everything you need to included in your marketing strategy, in a simple but effective way. The worksheets are a great way to help you apply your own business with the knowledge given throughout the course. Overall a great c...

Stephen Christoforou

This course was very useful in explaining all areas of building a Marketing strategy and how to build a clear plan for your company. The video was clear and concise, the quizzes allowed for reflection and to test the knowledge during the course, a...

Caroline Todd

The course was clearly laid out and easy to follow. It helped me to consider accepts of marketing that I had not considered before giving me clear tips and advice.

James Owens

This is a very well detailed and informative of what marketing is about. The videos are very well made and provide great knowledge step by step and easy to understand as you proceed in this course.

Nuria Macedo

This was a very informative course that explains the main aspects of a marketing strategy, really useful for all types of businesses that need a strong help with marketing their business.

Brett Childs

The course flows very well with easy-to-view videos. Very informative and well-structured, with quizzes that ensure that all the key information has gone in.

Anjulee Bharath

This course was concise and easy to follow. This course is perfect to help start building your marketing strategy and would be invaluable to any business. The workbook offered alongside the videos offers support for businesses and helps them to pu...

Xara Davies

I really appreciated the opportunity to participate in Purpol's virtual course, Magnificent Marketing. I found all of the information to be clear, concise and relevant. This course is accessible to everyone and appropriate for all audiences rangin...

Ilana Day

I thought the course was very insightful and educational, with lots of information. I believe it is good for begginers and for people developing their marketing skills. It would be even better if there were more graphics and examples so people can...

Chloé Milburn

A really good course that covers the basics of marketing in short, easy to digest sections. Very user friendly and engaging.

Nicky Leathard

Brilliant and useful information that's packaged in easy to understand step-by-step, easy-to-digest, format.

Georgia Smyth

Enjoyed listening to each aspect of this course, very informative and I feel I can now take this information and apply it to both work and business. Many thanks!

Cameron Thompson

I have been able to make detailed notes and pick up on tons of new info I didn't have before that I really need to think about. However, some of the dialogue is quite fast and I've had to go back to videos and replay them a lot to get all the inf...

Annabelle Forrest

I found this course to be extremely valuable and easy to learn from. The videos set out key points with additional text which made it straight forward to build knowledge from. It encompasses everything I feel is necessary to touch on within a ...

Megi Gravardari

A very useful course that provides a through understanding of marketing strategy and how to build an effective marketing plan. Highly practical with workbook examples and quizzes at the end of the chapters to test your knowledge, this course gives...

Georgina Newham

This course has all the information you need to start a strong marketing foundation. Whether your business is big or small, this course will be invaluable.

Jade Lucas

Magnificent Marketing is a fabulous insight on how to create a marketing plan – for beginners or those more advanced. Very easy to follow and includes some great tools to give companies a boost to create a flawless marketing plan! I thoroughly enj...

Kaitlin Sugrue

Very helpful course, which gives you all the information in an easy to understand manner and provides templates to guide you to make the a very good marketing plan, even with no marketing experience. The videos help engagement and a higher level ...

Ray Vandyck

Magnificent Marketing presents a solid and accessible process to create a marketing plan for your business or enterprise. The 4 stages are easy to understand and present distinct stages at which the user analyses aspects of their current marketing...

Diane de Guzman

Super simple and straightforward explanations, but also very detailed! As a beginner in marketing, I find that this course can easily be understood by everyone - with or without a marketing background.

Charleen Dunn

This course was VERY informative and insightful!

Beth Sheehan

The Magnificent Marketing course offers a perfectly structured and in depth journey through different marketing concepts. The activities provided are particularly helpful as by applying what you have just learnt to real-life focused activities, yo...

Mattia Carusone

I found Magnificent Marketing extremely useful as an introduction and a first approach to appreciating the marketing field. Each chapter is well explained and easy to understand, the contents are engaging and the presence of activities and quizzes...

Harmony Knight

The Magnificent Marketing course has been an informative and thought-provoking journey that communicates proved systems of achieving success in the marketing industry. Purpol take you on a thorough journey noting the ins-and-outs of marketing and ...

Lydia Jones

The videos are clearly laid out with lots of useful information about marketing and also what to consider when making decisions.

Josh Corscadden

The course provided a large amount of extremely uselful information in regards to marketing in a real world context. To see the content and then apply it to a business context is useful especially when reviewing your current business objectives an...

Dave Hodges

The course covers all areas of the marketing process broken down in to simple steps and with great exercises at the end of each module so you can put what you've learnt in to practice.

Jan de Jonge

Ambitious, young and even more-established businesses that realise the importance of effective marketing for their success, should follow this blended-learning course. It’s handy, dip-in-and-out, and comprehensive, covering all angles of magnifice...

Jordan Kelly

I have worked my way through this online course and have found it extremely useful and full of information! The team who put this together though out each element perfectly, well worth the time and effort to complete this course!

Emily Marks

The magnificent marketing course not only met my expectations but exceeded them. The combination of the videos and pdf documents work so well together and the B2B and B2C examples provided a great reference from which to build a marketing plan. Th...

Robbie Warren

This course is a great addition to any business! The videos clearly explain everything you need to know and the follow-up tasks are great for making your marketing plan. This is a great investment for any business, no matter what your knowledge of...

Elizabeth Davenport

What a brilliant guide to all those essential marketing bits and bobs! Denise and Gavin present the course in clear, structured stages that make it super easy to follow and mould to your own business. Each stage has it's own section of pratical ex...

Bronwyn Jesse

I really enjoyed having a visual learning tool. Having been busy doing other things, this course was great as I was able to learn at my own pace, finding time around other tasks. I really appreciated the end of chapter quiz and worked exercise bec...

Denise O'Leary
Denise O'Leary
Managing Director, Purpol Marketing

About the instructor

Purpol Marketing is owned by Denise O’Leary, a Board level Marketing Director who has maintained her ongoing accreditation as a Chartered Marketer with the CIM – Chartered Institute of Marketing every year since 2005.

Denise holds both a Masters Degree specialising in Marketing and Business Strategy and a First Class Honours Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration.

Denise is a dynamic, enthusiastic, award winning, marketing specialist and coach with 20+ years’ extensive experience of delivering impressive results. Denise utilises a pragmatic, market based approach to deliver measurable company development in all aspects, including communication strategy, brand development, competitor understanding and customer engagement.

P.S. Need help with marketing? Denise loaves to coach businesses to get great results and measures her success by how much others win!


Want more customers?

Don’t know where to start with Marketing?

Let’s create Magnificent Marketing together!

Marketing your business can be a challenge:

  • How do you capture new clients?
  • How do you keep the clients you have happy?
  • Are you providing the right message to the right people at the right time?

Magnificent Marketing is an online step by step course that helps you build your marketing plan.

The course combines video-based learning with practical exercises and worked through examples to help develop your understanding of marketing. This is accompanied by our Magnificent Marketing plan template which is populated in stages as the course progresses.

As well as the marketing plan template, we also provide two fully completed example marketing plans showing an b2b Manufacturing business and an b2c Fitness coach business to act as a reference. As a bonus, you also get a marketing strategy e-book full of helpful hints on practical application.

The magnificent marketing methodology provides a logical structure to your marketing, delivering competitive advantage for your business to help you understand and shape customer behaviour.

You will learn everything you need to know to be able to create a successful marketing strategy and the tactics to realise your goals. You will learn the choices available, techniques and tactics, as well as what to measure to make sure your efforts return results. Each topic will enable you to build your marketing plan, so you finish the course with your own marketing strategy, tailored to your company.

This is not just a generic approach, this course gives you the tools to build your plan, your way for your business through providing essential marketing information, tools and techniques to match your organisation’s capabilities with client demand and drive the continual search for competitive advantage. In addition, once completed you will have options for further mentoring and clinic sessions, ensuring you have the confidence to deliver magnificent marketing in your own business.

Why do I need a marketing plan?

A plan provides structure to your marketing activities and helps you measure effectiveness.

How will this help my business?

Our course features videos on marketing theory, in easy to understand sections. Based on our model of Review, Acquire, Promote, and Retain; it will help you:

  • Define your business marketing requirements
  • Find new customers
  • Win new business though effective promotion
  • Gain more spend from existing customers

What are the advantages of this course?

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Understand your options
  • Build a step by step plan
  • Revisit each lesson
  • Set goals and priorities
  • Get ongoing support

Who should sign up?

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to improve the effectiveness of their marketing activity
  • Experienced marketing managers wishing to enhance or refresh their knowledge of key concepts and frameworks
  • Students and Executives across all sectors seeking professional development and a greater understanding of the marketing process.

Following the course, you can sign up for further support including:

  • Written review of your marketing plan with expert comments for optimisation
  • Advanced Marketing Strategy eBook
  • Marketing mentoring via Skype and face to face
  • Ongoing support for your marketing activity.

Course Contents

32 Videos
4 Quizzes
22 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Next steps