The Better Way to Bid

Step by step guide to develop a better tendering approach | taught by Denise O'Leary
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Sophie G

Very Interesting and Informative

A brilliant course for those new to the subject of bid writing and the bidding process, as well as those who are interested in improving their existing knowledge.

Maiya Todd

In depth course

For someone who had no idea about bid writing - this course assisted me with an in depth analysis of the subject. Each aspect of the subject was covered, some topics included; procurement procedures, how to achieve successful bids as well as what ...

Feride Sahin


Very informative and easy to follow!

Sophie G

A brilliant course for those new to the subject of bid writing and the bidding process, as well as those who are interested in improving their existing knowledge.

Maiya Todd

For someone who had no idea about bid writing - this course assisted me with an in depth analysis of the subject. Each aspect of the subject was covered, some topics included; procurement procedures, how to achieve successful bids as well as what ...

Feride Sahin

Very informative and easy to follow!

James Garbutt

Great overview on the process of bidding from start to finish.

Rebecca Fewkes

Really detailed and helpful, a lot learnt from this course!

Matt Percox

Excellent course...well structured...and has helped me to understand the bidding process.

Molly Bruce

Bid writing is a new concept to me, and I was able to learn lots more about it throughout the course. The course covered basics right through to advanced bid writing techniques, which was really helpful. The course breaks down the stages of bid wr...

Ramzia Jawara

Highly informative! The course simply breaks down all the information needed to understand the ins and outs of bidding.

Chloé Milburn

Clear and concise. Denise at Purpol Marketing provides an excellent blueprint for bid writing that, if followed, ensures you can't go wrong!

Charlotte Moon

Being new to bid writing I needed to learn the ins and outs. This course provided all the information I needed in a digestible and easy to understand format Great, Thanks!

Jay Griffiths

Helpful information on bid writing to improve your chances of success.

Brett Childs

This has been a highly informative introduction to bid writing, accessible for those with no knowledge, and also those who want to refine their pre-existing knowledge. It also has great video functionality - allowing easier digestion of the inform...

Samuel Aspden

Filled to the brim with comprehensive and important information on bid-writing and tender. Entering this course almost blind on the Tender process, I now have the knowledge to understand every aspect of it.

Elan Parry-Lowther

I found this course to be incredibly useful. I had little knowledge of the bid process prior to completing the course and feel I can now walk away knowing the key factors and stages in successfully writing, submitting and winning a bid. The presen...

Stephen Christoforou

Very insightful and well explained with good practical information.

James Owens

This course is incredibly helpful and informative and has given me great knowledge on Bid Writing that will be very beneficial for future work.

Gabbie Knights

An amazing course that provides plenty of useful and vitally important information on effective bid writing and ensuring you stand out. Learning how to deal with the prosses of losing a bid is something that was a topic that was rather helpful too...

Ashleigh Sands

Provides lots of useful information delivered in a personal and informative manner. Would benefit from subtitles and a written transcript.

Brandon Jones

information delivered quickly with no nonsense, straight to the point, very interesting and informative 10/10

Nicky Leathard

This was a thoroughly interesting course that gave lots of useful guidance surrounding the topic of bid writing, and is broken up into easily digestible sections.

Ruby Kittle

This is an essential course for any business wanting to better understand bidding. Denise’s language and communication makes the course engaging and easy to understand regardless of prior knowledge. Highly recommended!

Jorja Holmes

I really enjoyed this course. There is a significant amount of content to cover but it is explained clearly and is made easier to understand through the short videos. I think this course could benefit from a transcript.

Ilana Day

This is a very informative course and very good if you don't know much about bidding, with valuable information.

Aneesha Aslam

The information included is easy to understand and in shorter clips, making the content easier to remember over a longer period of time. A well-delivered course!

Caroline Todd

Covered all elements of Bid Writing and provided a lot of food for thought.

Matt Williams

This was a fantastic course packed with heaps of valuable information. I feel as if I have transitioned from having no idea about bid writing to understanding how to give my first attempt my all!

Annabelle Forrest

This course has some excellent information on how to bid, I began this course with very minimal knowledge of what a bid even is, and now I feel very competent in writing a successful one.

Megan Bower

This course gave a very in depth, but still easily understandable and accessible overview of the bid process. It also provides a lot of helpful, handy advice that you can apply to your own experience and incorporate into improving your own process...

Beth Sheehan

Whilst bid writing can be a complicated subject, Denise breaks it down into easy to understand and interesting chapters. By advising you step by step on how to write your bids, this course will undoubtedly help you whether you have little knowledg...

Mattia Carusone

I found this course really useful - each chapter is well explained. It is easy to take notes and to keep the attention throughout the whole course, as each topic is well divided and not tedious at all. In a short time I have developed awareness of...

Harmony Knight

Better Way to Bid makes bidding simple and easy to understand. The informative course gives an insightful overview on bids whilst also examining how to achieve consistently successful bids though teaching critical elements of bidding. The course a...

Lydia Jones

The videos are very clear and easy to understand. They show relevant information but also go into great detail.

Elizabeth Davenport

This course is fantastic for anyone wanting to develop their knowledge of the tendering process and bid writing skills. Denise takes you through the entire process step by step, starting with the basics and working up to what to include in your bi...

Josh Corscadden

This course is a fantastic way to learn all about the bidding process and what is needed to generate a successful bid. As this is something I have had very little experience in I found the flow of the course as well as the topics covered gave me f...

Emily Marks

This is a brilliant course for anybody looking to improve their bid writing skills and processes. This was an extremely informative course that provides a HUGE amount of information on how to be more successful when bidding while still being easy ...

Denise O'Leary
Denise O'Leary
Managing Director, Purpol Marketing

About the instructor

Purpol Marketing is owned by Denise O’Leary, a Board level Marketing Director who has maintained her ongoing accreditation as a Chartered Marketer with the CIM – Chartered Institute of Marketing every year since 2005.

Denise holds both a Masters Degree specialising in Marketing and Business Strategy and a First Class Honours Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration.

Denise is a dynamic, enthusiastic, award winning, marketing specialist and coach with 20+ years’ extensive experience of delivering impressive results. Denise utilises a pragmatic, market based approach to deliver measurable company development in all aspects, including communication strategy, brand development, competitor understanding and customer engagement.

P.S. Need help with marketing? Denise loaves to coach businesses to get great results and measures her success by how much others win!


Do you want to win more business?

Have you had experience of bidding or are you new to the process?

The Better Way to Bid Course will teach you the approaches and techniques to develop your future bids and better pitch your business!

Developing your bidding approach can give you significant advantages:

  • Understanding how to pitch your proposals.
  • Better understand your client's requirements.
  • Achieve greater success for your inputs.
  • Develop your management techniques to optimise your submissions.

The Better Way to Bid is an online step by step course that helps you develop your approach and strategy to manage and develop your tendering approach.

The video-based course by award winning bid management specialists, Purpol Marketing, has been developed to provide insight into the approaches and techniques to improve both your submission and management processes.

The Better Way to Bid provides an understanding of the rules within which procurement engagements are undertaken and how this can be used to the advantage of your bidding approach.

This training course will help you identify methods of selecting the appropriate opportunity for you and the methods of identifying all the requirements to comply with the rules of engagement.

Once the compliance elements are met, the Purpol Team highlight the techniques we as an award-winning bid management agency utilise to build our approach to a tender, the methodology and management to really stand out.

You will learn the choices available, techniques and tactics, as well as what to measure to make sure your efforts return results. Each topic will enable you to improve your bidding approach, so you finish the course with the tactics and approaches to apply to your next tender.

This is not just a generic approach, this course gives you the tools to build your methodology and management approaches, matching your organisation’s capabilities with client demand and drive the continual search for competitive advantage.

How can improving my bid management approach benefit me?

A structured approach to your bid management can not only increase your success but also understand how to best promote your business within a constrained time-frame.

How will this help my business?

Our course features videos on techniques and tactics, in easy to understand sections. Based on our award winning and highly successful approach; it will help you:

  • Identify the opportunities that best fit your business and avoid wasting time and effort.
  • Understand your clients needs and wants.
  • Present your proposals in an effective and concise manner.
  • Achieve greater tendering success.

What are the advantages of this course?

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Understand your options
  • Revisit each lesson
  • Set goals and priorities
  • Get ongoing support

Who should sign up?

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to improve the effectiveness of their tendering process.
  • those new to tendering looking to find their way in the process.
  • Experienced bid managers wishing to enhance or refresh their knowledge of key concepts and frameworks.
  • Those looking to improve their management and development of their tendering approach and methods.

Course Contents

77 Videos
3 PDFs

Course Curriculum